History of Brooloo Park

How it all began . . . Brooloo Park was a working horse and cattle property on the banks of the Coonoon Gibber Creek in the scenic Mary Valley. Vince had been there since 5 May 2005 where he built a business that offered an authentic Australian outback experience. Have you watched ‘Mc Leods Daughters’, ‘Troy Dan’s Adventures’ or the latest ‘Keeping up with the Joneses’?  Well Brooloo Park allowed you to feel, live, breathe and taste it. The property provided an authentic Australian farm stay experience and eco camping at our secluded Brooloo Park bush campsites.

Vince Carige

Vince grew up on the land on a large cattle property in country Queensland where working with horses was the norm. Leaving the properties he was raised on, he studied Law and later started a mobile phone business. His business interests spread to other marketing businesses worldwide.

Vince understands what the bush can bring to people. It’s like therapy, it’s a glimpse of another life, even an escape, but it is true and uncomplicated. People need to experience the bush. Bringing his business experience and his understanding of outback together created a dream to make a difference for people owning properties in the bush through tourism.

Brooloo Park, now viewed as a “beta site” was formed (within two hundred  km of Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast) and ran successfully for ten years. During the time establishing Brooloo Park Vince gained more qualifications across various fields, including training, workplace health and safety, tourism and so on.

Using his knowledge he established VET Centre Qld – a vocational educational training centre focussed around equine therapy, self esteem development and job placement.

Vince sold Brooloo Park, travelled the world, particularly South America and Europe, to focus on business ideas that produce a larger impact for people.


Camping and Farmstay Development

After gathering expertise and knowledge it is once again time to move to action. This enterprise is specifically geared to helping property owners create a new business by:

  • Becoming tourism hosts – this involves educating and teaching a new curriculum of eco and agri tourism.
  • Creating farmstay opportunities
  • Accessing government and industry grants
  • Providing access to subsidised workers
  • Utilising existing buildings and outbuildings for B&B accommodation
  • Creating secluded and attractive camping areas
  • Offering advice and expertise in setting up glamping opportunities
  • Utilising your property as a training venue


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